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Civil Service Club is an organization of Singapore that was formed by the government for developing and managing inter territorial games between countries. It was first named as Singapore Civil Service Sports Council (SCSSC) that is known as CSC i.e. Civil Service Club. This public club involves with the regular sports activities and events of Singapore with other countries. CSC also provides many services with additional facilities to its members. Check the details below.

Civil Service Club focus on sports and also providing training and fitness services to athletes and public officers. Many sports and events are organized by this club. Today CSC has made its presence in various locations that are Dempsey, Mount Pleasant, Portsdown, Tessensohn etc. On visiting the website of the Civil Service Club, you will see various categories of clubs that includes Bukin Batok Clubhouse, Changi clubhouse, Tessensohn Clubhouse, Sports, Social activities and many mother options. Visit the website of CSC by using the official website link in below section.

Facilities that are provided by Civil Service Club are online booking room services, events booking, resort bowl, planet bowl and many more. You can join the club by subscribing them. Related details of membership are available on the website of CSC. Check other useful details of Civil Service Club in the below details section.

People who want to join the Civil Service Club and have queries regarding their membership subscription or any other. You can find these answers on the FAQ page (shared below). If you didn’t get your answer then use the customer service contact details of Civil Service Club. Here you will receive all the useful links that allow you to find your answers, Career opportunities, and social profiles. Other details include Civil Service Club customer support phone number, Civil Service Club customer service email ID, head office fax number, customer service fax number, Civil Service Club head office address, Civil Service Club head office phone number, head office email ID etc.

Civil Service Club Customer Support Contact Details
Civil Service Club

Civil Service Club Customer Support Address: N/A

Civil Service Club Customer Support Contact Number: 6294 8933

Civil Service Club Customer Support Email ID: feedback@csc.sg, newsletter@csc.sg, careers@csc.sg

Customer service department of the Civil Service Club is available for you. You can contact them in the working hours of this club. Solve your queries with their help.

Civil Service Club Head Office Contact Details

Departments Phone number Fax number Email ID
Main office 6294 8933 N/A feedback@csc.sg
Corporate services 6294 8933 6292 6894 N/A
Membership 6514 6396/ 6391 5604/ 6514 6737 N/A membership@csc.sg
Sports 6391 5619 N/A N/A
Programs Events 6391 5613 N/A events@csc.sg
 Marketing and Advertising 6514 3630 N/A marcomms@csc.sg

Here, this chart contains all the contact number, email ID and fax number of different departments of Civil Service Club. You can contact them according to your queries.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8:30am-6pm

Friday: 8:30-30pm

Saturday Sunday & Bank Holidays: Closed

People who want to take help from the customer service center of the Civil Service Club must remember the timing details. Here are the related details.

Official Website: csc.sg/Welcome-to-Civil-Service-Club-Home

Main official website of Civil Service Club Singapore is listed here. You can visit this portal and check all the activities, functions, sports events other details there.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/cscsingapore

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/csc_londonsw1?lang=en

LinkedIn Profile: N/A

Google+ Profile:  N/A

Tumblr:  N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/civilserviceclub

YouTube Channel: N/A

Al the social media profiles that are used by Civil Service Club are posted above. You can subscribe these channels and get updates from the supporting team of CSC.

Important Links

FAQ Section: csc.sg/events/Faq
For general queries in your mind, you can search your answers on the FAQ page of Civil Service Club. Go and find your solutions.

Careers: csc.sg/Civil-Service-Club-Careers-Join-Us-Now
If you want to join this Civil Service Club, then you must visit the career page. There you will get further details of joining or membership procedure.

Contact us: csc.sg/Contact-Civil-Service-Club-for-Assistance
Other clubhouse’s contact details are listed on the shared page of Civil Service Club. Check these details by using this link.


Timeconsult is a leading staffing solution providing company which provides its services in the Asian Pacific region. This company was founded in the year 2005 and has set up many corporate offices in different countries. Basically, it is a Malaysian company which is now providing its services in other countries like Singapore and Thailand. This article is especially for Singaporean clients of Timeconsult.

Timeconsult provides its staffing services to various bodies like MNC’s, SMEs, public listed companies, conglomerate companies etc. Some of their specialized services are timescareer, timesexec, timessearch, employer branding and staffing contract. Timecareers refers to graduates hiring, volume placement etc.  Candidates who come to Timeconsult in search of jobs will get a search bar where they can enter the suitable keywords and location for finding their jobs.

If you found any interesting jobs then you can send your resumes to the particular company or you can also create your profile by uploading your resume n the site of Timeconsult. You can deposit your CV by filling all the necessary details there. Under the employer’s category, you will get to see various services for finding jobs that are timescontracting, timesforeign search, timesforeign management etc. If you want some tips and tricks of resume writing or interview preparation then you can check their blogs on their site. Some of the similar companies that provide various job opportunities to clients are Nigel Frank, Frazer Jones, Eames Consulting and BestJobs.

Applicants who are searching jobs with the help of Timeconsult want to get in touch with their team members or for any kind of help can check this section. Here in the upcoming sections, we have shared their helpline numbers of Singapore office and also their office address. If you have any query or complaints then you can contact their team. You can also share your feedback and give reviews on their contact page or their social accounts. We have shared all the important links of their site.

Timeconsult Singapore Customer Support Contact Details

Timeconsult Customer Support Contact Number: +65 65212888

Timeconsult Customer Support Email ID: salessg@timesconsult.com

Singaporean clients can use the listed phone number or email ID for sharing their issues and complaints with the technical team of Timeconsult.

Timeconsult Singapore Head Office Contact Details

Timeconsult Head Office Address: 55 Market Street #10-01 Singapore 048941

Timeconsult Head Office Contact Number: +65 65212888

Timeconsult Head Office Email ID: all@timesconsult.com, salessg@timesconsult.com

Timeconsult Head Office Fax Number:  N/A

In Singapore, the office of Timeconsult is centered at Market Street. We have shared their all supporting email ID, phone number and fax number.

Official Website: timesconsult.com/index.php

For searching jobs or getting tips and tricks, you will defiantly need this link. By following this URL you will directly visit to the official site of Timeconsult

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/Timesconsult

Twitter Handle: N/A

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/times-management-consultancy

Google+ Profile: N/A

Tumblr: N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: N/A

YouTube Channel: N/A

Blogs: timesconsult.com/job-traps.php

Social media profiles of Timeconsult are available in this section. You can get updates about latest job opening on your timeline after following these handles.

Important Links

CV Deposit: timesconsult.com/cv-deposit.php
Candidates can upload their resumes on the listed portal. All the details are compulsory to be filled there.

Contact us: timesconsult.com/contact-us.php
If you are a customer of Timeconsult from other countries then you can find supporting contact details on the above page.


In Hollywood movies, we see various visual effects, graphics that make the movies more interesting. Industrial Light & Magic is a company that gives such types of visual effects, transitions, and graphics in the movies we watch. It is a part of a film production company whose roots belong to America.  Industrial Light & Magic was founded in 1975 by a person named as George Lucan. He was the filmmaker and entrepreneur of America.

It is an American company that is now providing its services in various other countries also. This company opened its branch in London, Singapore, Vancouver, and San Francisco. Here we are sharing the details of Industrial Light & Magic of Singapore branch. We all have seen the movies like Jurassic Park, Black Panther, Thor, Skyscraper, The Mummy and many more. The visual effects we have seen in these types of movies are all given by Industrial Light & Magic.

The Art department of Industrial Light & Magic focuses on developing the keyframes, environment, vehicles, hardware, creatures, characters, VFX and others that we usually see in these types of movies. Recently this company has started ILC x LAB that takes the graphics and effects of these films to a whole new level. You can check these details yourself by making your visit to the website of Industrial Light & Magic.

Here we have shared the Singapore studio address of Industrial Light & Magic with some supporting contact details. Many customers come to us in search of questions like what are the contact details of Industrial Light & Magic, what is the phone number of Industrial Light & Magic, what is the address of Industrial Light & Magic in Singapore. You will get answers to these questions in the upcoming sections. We have posted their Singapore studio address, phone number, email ID and fax number. You can also use the links available below.

Industrial Light & Magic Singapore Customer Support Contact Details
Industrial Light & Magic

Industrial Light & Magic Customer Support Contact Number: +65-6511-2500

Industrial Light & Magic Customer Support Email ID:  contact-sf@ilm.com

Singapore office contact details of Industrial Light & Magic are listed in the above section. You can contact them and share your views, ideas, and anything with them.

Industrial Light & Magic Singapore Head Office Contact Details

Industrial Light & Magic Head Office Address: 1 Fusionopolis View 04-01, The Sandcrawler, Singapore 138577

Industrial Light & Magic Head Office Contact Number: +65-6511-2500

Industrial Light & Magic Head Office Email ID: sing@ilm.com, webmaster@starwars.com, info@ilmxlab.com

Industrial Light & Magic Head Office Fax Number:  N/A

You can also visit the studio of Industrial Light & Magic and meet the technical staff there. Listed address and supporting contact numbers will help you more.

Official Website: ilm.com

On the website of Industrial Light & Magic, you can view the projects they had completed or the current working projects. Check the visual effects, transitions and other details there.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/ILMVFX

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/ilmvfx

LinkedIn Profile: N/A

Google+ Profile: plus.google.com/+ILMVFX

Tumblr: N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/ilmvfx

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/ilmvfx

Blogs: ilm.com/vision-craft

Subscribe the channels of Industrial Light & Magic and get the updates of the work they had done and about the films also.

Important Links

Careers: jobs.jobvite.com/lucascompanies/jobs/ilm?s=Industrial%20Light%20%26%20Magic
You can find jobs in Industrial Light & Magic by visiting the career page of their site.

Global Locations: ilm.com/global-locations
Find more supporting contact details of other offices of Industrial Light & Magic on their contact page.


Aetna is an America based healthcare company which provides various medical insurance and head related solution.  This multinational group was founded in 1853 in the month of May and at that time; it was named as Aetna Life Insurance Company. Eliphalet Adams Bulkeley is the one who founded this group. Today this company is physically present in various other countries as well. Following details are going to tell you the information about the Singapore branch.

Aetna provides various medical services like health care, dental, pharmacy, group life, disability, long-term care insurance, employee benefits etc. In Singapore, they have opened 10 public hospitals that provide various emergency treatment services with 13 private hospitals. Aetna has also started some checkup clinics. They provide services to various bodies like individuals, families, brokers, employers, government etc.

Health insurance services bear the future risks that are uncertain. Every person wants to secure his or her life. Aetna provides safety services from risks like political concerns, terrorist attacks, medical problems, and others. If you want to know more details about their services then you can visit the website of Aetna and check these details there. Other medical and healthcare services providing company of Singapore are Pana Harrison, Tokio Marine Life Insurance, AIBI International and Antlabs.

In the above paragraphs, we have posted some important points of Aetna that includes their services details. If you have any complaints then you can contact the team of Aetna of Singapore. Many questions arise in your mind like what are the contact details of Aetna, what is the phone number of Aetna, what is the address of Aetna Singapore branch, what is the email ID of Aetna etc.  In the upcoming sections, you will find their complete contact details which include office address, phone number, email ID and fax number. Other than these details, we have also posted some useful links of their sites such as contact, career and social networking profiles.

Aetna Singapore Customer Support Contact Details

Aetna Customer Support Contact Number:

Singapore: 800-110-1951

Other countries using AT&T access codes: +1-855-532-5085

Telephone (toll): +852-3071-5022

Aetna Customer Support Email ID: AsiaPacServices@aetna.com

Aetna provides telephonic supportive services to its all customers whether you are from Singapore or from other countries. You can call on above numbers according to your country or area.

Aetna Singapore Head Office Contact Details

Aetna Head Office Address: 80 Robinson Road, #23-02/03, Singapore 068898

Aetna Head Office Contact Number: 800-110-1951 (Toll-Free)

Aetna Head Office Email ID: AsiaPacServices@aetna.com

Aetna Head Office Fax Number: +65-6395-6747

Aetna Singapore office is centered at Robinson Road. You can contact the team or visit their office using the above address.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: 9 am-6 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday & Bank Holidays:  Closed

Singapore office timings of Aetna are from 9 am to 6 pm. Make sure to visit their office in their working hours only.

Official Website: aetnainternational.com

Aetna international website is posted above. Use the above URL properly and it will redirect you to the website of Aetna. If you want to know more details about their health insurance services or other policies then you can visit their site.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/AetnaInternational

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/AetnaIntl

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/showcase/aetna-international

Google+ Profile: N/A

Tumblr: N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/aetna

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/aetna

Blogs:  N/A

All supporting social profiles of Aetna are listed in the above section. If you want to stay connected with them, we recommend you to follow all these handles.

Important Links

FAQ Section: aetna.com/faqs-health-insurance.html
For any kind of assistance, you can check your queries on the above FAQ page. If you didn’t get any solution then contact the customer supporting staff.

Careers: aetnainternational.com/en/about-us/careers.html
People who are looking for jobs in Aetna can use this career link and explore job opportunities there.

Contact us: aetnainternational.com/en/individuals/make-most-of-plan/contact-us.html
International customers of Aetna can find the office in their countries with the help of link posted above. check more details there.


In Singapore, there are several companies which deal with IT services. If you are looking for a way to take your business to the road of success then NTT DATA is definitely for you.  It is a Japanese company that provides IT, business solutions and various consultancy services to their clients. NTT DATA is a leading software company which was founded in the year 1988 and established their headquarters at Tokyo.

NTT refers to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. It provides its IT services all over the world. Readers will get the details of the Singapore branch of this company. Services that are received by their clients are application development and management, enterprise application services, business intelligence and analytics, outsourcing services, oracle solutions, big data solutions, and strategic staffing.

All the listed things are the major part of any business that will lead the company to the path of success. NTT DATA also provides advisory services to their clients related to any business section. Industries in which this company operates its services are Banking and Finance, Public Sector, Healthcare and Life Science, Insurance, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics. Jankosoft, eWave, jobsDB and NCS are some IT companies of Singapore. You can read about these concerns also.

Viewers who have read the above details will come to know about their services. If you are thinking of contacting the team of NTT DATA then many questions have come in your mind like how to contact NTT DATA, what is the phone number of NTT DATA, what is the address of NTT DATA Singapore, what is the email ID of NTT DATA and many more. If you have related questions then you definitely need to go through this article carefully. Here we have shared their phone number, office address, email ID and fax number. You can also check some additional links which may help you.

NTT DATA Singapore Customer Support Contact Details

NTT DATA Customer Support Contact Number: +65-6488-4888

NTT DATA Customer Support Email ID: Contact.NDSG@nttdata.com

For technical support, you can choose to make phone calls to the supporting members of NTT DATA Singapore. You can also share your queries by dropping a mail to listed email ID.

NTT DATA Singapore Head Office Contact Details

NTT DATA Head Office Address: 10 Hoe Chiang Road, #16-01 Keppel Towers, Singapore 089315

NTT DATA Head Office Contact Number: +65-6488-4888

NTT DATA Head Office Email ID: Contact.NDSG@nttdata.com, NDSG@nttdata.com

NTT DATA Head Office Fax Number: +65-6488-4889

NTT DATA has set up its head office near Keppel Towers of Singapore. If you wish to meet their team and want consultancy services personally, then visit heir office.

Official Website: sg.nttdata.com

Use the posted URL that belongs to the official site of NTT DATA Singapore. By visiting there, you will see the details of their services, industries and company’s details.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/NTTDATAServices

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/nttdataservices?lang=en

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/nttdata-asia-pacific-pte-ltd/?originalSubdomain=in

Google+ Profile: N/A

Tumblr: N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: N/A

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/NTTDATAServices

You can follow the social profiles of NTT DATA for staying in touch with them. On your timeline, you will get all the important updates after following these handle.

Important Links

Careers: sg.nttdata.com/career-opportunities
Interested ones who are searching for jobs may find this URL beneficial. There you can search for the job opportunities availing in this industry.

Contact us: sg.nttdata.com/contact-us
Clients can find more contact details of NTT DATA Singapore on the posted contact page.


In the modern world, everything is being digitalized and use of the modern IT services is increasing rapidly. More than 55% of people are now doing their business and tasks on computers or laptops. Everyone has a fear of using these services because of biases, bugs. virus and crime issues. FireEye is a computer security system which saves your data from getting lost, stolen or lost due to any fraud.

FireEye provides security services to the modern generation. This international company was founded in 2004 and its main headquarters are located in the US. This cybersecurity company operates its services all over the world. This company has also established the corporate offices in each country. FireEye provides solutions like Helix-Security Operations Platform, Network Security, Endpoint Security, Email Security, FireEye Threat Analytics, Network Forensics, Managed Defense and Threat Intelligence.

Customers can also avail the consultancy service from them that relates to breach response, security assessment, security enhancement, and security transformation. If you are a customer of FireEye and you are looking for the contact details of FireEye of any office then you can use the Contact URL available below.

For Singaporean customers of FireEye, we have shared their office address, phone number, toll-free number, fax number, and email ID. If you have questions regarding their products, services, and solutions then you can contact their team members quickly. You will also find their official social media accounts where you can get the updates from them. Some people who are searching for jobs in FireEye can use the posted Career link.

FireEye Customer Support Contact Details

FireEye Customer Support Contact Number: +65-3158 5588

FireEye Customer Support Email ID: apac@fireeye.com

Singaporean clients of FireEye can use the above phone number and email ID of contacting their technical support. You can ping them via mail and for the quick response, you can choose to call.

FireEye Head Office Contact Details

FireEye Head Office Address: 8 Shenton Way, #38-01, AXA Tower, Singapore 068811  

FireEye Head Office Contact Number: +65-3158 5588, +65-3158-5732

FireEye Head Office Email ID: apac@fireeye.com, investigations@mandiant.com, media.relations.apj@fireeye.com

FireEye Head Office Fax Number: N/A

Office of FireEye is located near the AXA tower of Singapore. Above listed address will help you to find their office. For other office, contact details check the contact link.

Official Website: fireeye.com

FireEye is a security service supplying company. You can read their services, solutions details on their official website. Visit their site using posted URL.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/FireEye

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/fireeye

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/fireeye

Google+ Profile: plus.google.com/+Fireeye

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/eye-on-security/id1073779629?mt=2

Tumblr:  N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: N/A

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/FireEyeInc

If you are interested in getting updates from FireEye, then you can follow their official accounts that are handled by their team.

Important Links

Careers: fireeye.com/company/jobs.html
FireEye is an international group, which cover the whole world with its services. You can find available job detail in your country by visiting this career link.

Contact us: fireeye.com/company/contact-us.html
Other office contact details of FireEye will be visible to you when you make your visit to the listed contact page.


There is a number of people who are unemployed and looking for various job opportunities. For such people, Eames Consulting is the answer. Eames Consulting is a platform which helps in connecting the jobs seekers to employers. This company was helping people in finding jobs since 2002.

Eames Consulting Group is an international group that is physically present in many major countries worldwide. This company mainly operates its services in 18 countries and also established many regional offices.  On the website of Eames Consulting, candidates will get the feature of searching jobs according to different industries and locations. They can search for jobs only after registering their names. You can also login with the help of yoLinkedIndin account.

Business sectors in which candidates can find jobs are Actuarial, Broking, Change Management, Claims, Compliance, Finance and Accountancy, Health and Benefits, Technology, Under Writing and many more. Jobs are categorized under three-term periods that are permanent, fixed and contract. You can also find jobs on R-PAT, Adecco Group, Michael Page, Monster.com. These are some other job searching sites of Singapore.

Applicants who are interested in any of the job listed in the above section can visit their site and find suitable jobs for them. If you have any question or face any problem while registering your name on their site then you can contact the technical team of Eames Consulting using below details.  We have posted their helpline number, Singapore office address, email ID, fax number etc. You will also find URL portion that will show you career, contact and some social profiles links. Go through this article carefully.

Eames Consulting Singapore Customer Support Contact Details
Eames Consulting

Eames Consulting Customer Support Contact Number: +65 6597 8380

Eames Consulting Customer Support Email ID: sg@eamesconsulting.com

For any kind of support, Eames Consulting allows you to contact their technical supporting members. You can share any query or discuss any matter with them regarding their services.

Eames Consulting Singapore Head Office Contact Details

Eames Consulting Head Office Address: #15-02, 1 Finlayson Green, One Finlayson Green, Singapore 049246

Eames Consulting Head Office Contact Number: +65 6597 8380

Eames Consulting Head Office Email ID: sg@eamesconsulting.com

Eames Consulting Head Office Fax Number: N/A

Singaporean customers of Eames Consulting can contact the team on the listed phone number or email ID. If you didn’t get any satisfactory answer then you can also make your visit to their office and meet the officials personally. Also, there are several other countries where Eames Consulting have their offices situated and one can get to know about them using the contact page. It is shared below in the important links.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am-7 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday & Bank Holidays: Closed

Opening and closing hours of Eames Consulting Singapore branch are listed in this section. You can avail their customer supporting services in their business hours only.

Official Website: eamesconsulting.com

Search for jobs by registering your name on their site. You can also perform other tasks such as finding contact details of other offices, career and search jobs only on their official site.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: N/A

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/EamesConsulting

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/eames-consulting-group

Google+ Profile: N/A

Tumblr:  N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: NA

YouTube Channel: N/A

Eames Consulting social accounts are available on Twitter and LinkedIn only. All the important details are updated on these handles.

Important Links

Careers: eamesconsulting.com/join-us
Join Eames Consulting by finding various job opportunities by visiting their career page. This page will be providing you with the complete job details available on this company.

Contact us: eamesconsulting.com/contact
Find other international office contact details of Eames Consulting on the page whose link is posted here. This is the direct link of Eames Consulting contact us page.


Nigel Frank is a popular Singapore based online recruiting website. This is a platform for all those who are looking for jobs and employers who are searching for employees for their enterprise. Nigel Frank is a leading leader of Microsoft’s recruitment. Nigel Frank is basically a UK based company but it has its branches in other countries as well, and Singapore is one of them. It commenced its business in Singapore in 2006 and has now made its physical presence in various countries by establishing many regional offices.  Nigel Frank has its services confined for job seekers and employers.

On this job searching site, both employers and job seekers will get the number of services. Candidates can easily upload their resume and can get details of all the jobs available on their dashboard as well as through emails also. All the latest job opening that will match their qualification and experience will be emailed to the candidates. Moreover, candidates can also opt-in for job offers on mobile phone also. On the other hand, employers can upload the job details and advertise them on their site which may attract many applicants or can also search for the candidates by viewing their resumes. Various categories in which they offer jobs are features on their official website such as Microsoft Dynamics AX Jobs, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Jobs, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Jobs and various other. Details information of each opening is also available on that particular page. Some other recruiting agencies of Singapore are Frazer Jones, Volt, Hudson and Dare contract.

Telephonic customer support is also provided by Nigel Frank to employers and job seekers. For any type of help related to uploading resume, company profile, interviews or salary, you can contact their customer support department. To help out our readers in contacting the team of Nigel Frank, here we have compiled all the customer support and head office contact details of company. Nigel Frank’s customer service phone number, email address, headquarters address, fax number and head office email id are listed below in this post. Along with this, we have also mentioned their official website link, social profiles and some useful links of their website. Contact details of their Singapore based APAC and head office are available under head office contact details tab.

Nigel Frank Singapore Customer Support Contact Details
Nigel Frank

Nigel Frank Customer Support Contact Number: +65 3 163 0484

Nigel Frank Customer Support Email ID: enq@nigelfrank.com

If you face any difficulty while uploading your resume, job details, and have any question, then you can contact the customer service department of Nigel Frank using above contact details.

Nigel Frank Singapore Head Office Contact Details

Office Address Phone number Email ID
APAC Office  10 Collyer Quay, Level 40 Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore 049315 +65 3 163 0484 enq@nigelfrank.com
Singapore Nigel Frank International Royal One Philip 1 Phillip Street Singapore 048692 +65 3 163 0484 enq@nigelfrank.com

Nigel Frank established their office on Phillips Street of Singapore. Those who are not satisfied with the customer support can make complaints or share their queries with the officials of Nigel Frank using these contact details.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am-5:30 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday & Bank Holidays: Closed

Office timings of Nigel Frank from morning 8:30 to evening 5:30 pm.

Official Website: www.nigelfrank.com/sg

Copy above link and paste it in a new tab to get to the official website of Nigel Frank. Here all the information about latest jobs and openings are available. Candidates can easily upload their resume on Nigel Frank’s website using Upload Your CV button.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/NigelFrankInternational

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/NigelFrank

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/nigel-frank-international

Google+ Profile: N/A

Blog Post: nigelfrank.com/en/microsoft-dynamics-blog

Tumblr: N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: N/A

YouTube Channel: N/A

Social media is a great platform for getting updates from anyone. One can easily subscribe Nigel Frank Singapore on social networking websites using above-shared social media URLs.

Important Links

Careers: careers.frankgroup.com/jobs
rather than finding jobs in other industries, if you want to try your career in Nigel Frank then this link will definitely help you.

Contact us: nigelfrank.com/sg/contactus
For other international office contact details of Nigel Frank, you have to visit the above contact page.


General Electric is a multinational conglomerate company whose roots belong to America. Conglomerate companies are those companies which have various subsidiaries under it that work in completely different fields. This group was founded in 1892 in New York. The main headquarters of General Electric are set up in Boston, Massachusetts US. This group serves the whole world with its products and services.

Here this article is specially prepared for Singaporean customers of General Electric. This company covers industries in which they operate their functions of aviation, healthcare, capital, finance, renewable energy, digital, transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas, power and lighting. Customers can get various products and services from these industries. General Electric is considered the largest manufacturer of aircraft products and electrical systems as well.

This group provides financial services in the form of capital to help other companies to grow. These capital services include asset-based lending, equipment finance, cash flow management etc. General Electric is also known for its healthcare services because they adopt the latest software, tools, and techniques in providing medical services. In the transportation industry, they play a vital role by providing railway signaling and communication systems, automotive parts.

If you want to get in touch with the team members of General Electric then you will definitely need their contact details. Here you will find all the supporting contact details that help you in interacting with them. The first section will tell you the customer service contact details and after that, you will receive their Singapore head office details. These sections include General Electric Singapore office address, phone number, email ID, fax number. In addition to these contact details, you will also find some quick links that help in getting more details about this concern.

General Electric Singapore Customer Support Contact Details
General Electric

General Electric Customer Support Contact Number: +65 6220 7022

General Electric Customer Support Email ID: yeowhin.lai@ge.com

If you have any questions regarding their products and services, then you can contact the customer-supporting department of General Electric using the above details.

General Electric Singapore Head Office Contact Details

General Electric Head Office Address: GE Singapore Level 9, The Metropolis Tower 2, 11 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138589

General Electric Head Office Contact Number: +65 6220 7022

General Electric Head Office Email ID: yeowhin.lai@ge.com

General Electric Head Office Fax Number:  N/A

General Electric has established its office on the Metropolis tower in Singapore. You can choose your method of contacting them.

Official Website: ge.com/sg

Make your visit to the website of General Electric using the posted link and there you will find the details of their products, services and industries that are covered by them.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/GEIndia/?brand_redir=314677218633827

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/generalelectric?lang=en

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/ge/?originalSubdomain=in

Google+ Profile: plus.google.com/+GE

Tumblr:  N/A

Pinterest: in.pinterest.com/generalelectric

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/generalelectric/?hl=en

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/1GEinASEAN

Above links are the official verified accounts of General Electric. You can follow these channels and get the updates of their events and products.

Important Links

Careers: ge.com/sg/careers
if you want to join General Electric of Singapore branch, then the shared portal will help you and shows you details of vacant jobs.

Contact us: ge.com/sg/contact-us
You can find more departmental contact details of General Electric on the contact page.


Sandvik is one of the oldest and well-known international engineering services providing company. This Swedish group was introduced in 1862 and establishes its headquarter at Stockholm, Sweden. With the experience of 150 and more years in this engineering field, Sandvik is now providing its services globally. They have set up various regional offices in each country where they operate its functions. Here the Singaporean customers of Sandvik will get useful contact details.

Expertise areas in which Sandvik provides its services are Materials Technology, Metal cutting Technology, Mining and rock Technology and Additive Manufacturing Technology. Their research and development team continuously experimenting with new things and brings various innovative ideas into use. This company is a complete package where you will get various engineering products, services, and solutions as well.

Products that are offered by Sandvik are metal cutting tools and tooling systems, Mining and rock excavation equipment and tools, stainless steel, special alloys and titanium, additive manufacturing services and furnace products and heating systems. All these products and services are comprehensively detailed on the website of Sandvik. The industries that are served by them are Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Consumer goods, General engineering, Mining, Nuclear power generation, Oil and gas, renewable energy and process industries. Quest Global is just like Sandvik that offers various engineering services. You can check its article too.

Customers who thought of many questions while reading this article can discuss that with the customer supporting team of Sandvik. This article is specially prepared for the people who searched for common questions like what are the contact details of Sandvik, what is the email ID of Sandvik, what is the office address of Sandvik, where is the office of Sandvik located in Singapore etc. Answers that you will find in the below section includes their Singapore office address, phone number, email ID, fax number. We have also provided some links of their site that might help you to know vacant seats in Sandvik and other details.

Sandvik Singapore Customer Support Contact Details

Sandvik Customer Support Contact Number: +65 6477 3700

Sandvik Customer Support Email ID: N/A

Singaporean clients of Sandvik can contact them by using calling feature only. If you want to send emails then you need to use the contact link where you will find an enquiry form.

Sandvik Singapore Head Office Contact Details

Head Office Address Phone Number
Stockholm Box 510, SE-101 30 Stockholm, Sweden +46 8 456 11 00
Singapore Sandvik South East Asia Ptd Ltd 50, ALPS Avenue #04-00 Sandvik Building Singapore 498782 +65 6477 3700

In Singapore, the office of Sandvik is situated at ALPS Avenue. You can visit their office and get in touch with them personally. For other office contact details check the contact link below.

Official Website: www.home.sandvik/en

Here is the portal of Sandvik available for those who want to need more details about the products and services offered by them. Investors can also check their annual reports and statements there.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/sandvik

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/sandvikgroup?lang=en

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/sandvik/?originalSubdomain=in

Google+ Profile: N/A

Tumblr: N/A

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/sandvikgroup/?hl=en

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/sandvik

The social media accounts that are posted above are all-official and handled by their supporting team members. You can follow these handles.

Important Links

Careers: home.sandvik/en/careers
If you want to know the availability of seats in Sandvik and also want to apply for them then the career link is definitely for you.

Contact us: home.sandvik/en/contact
Sandvik is an international company that is physically present in many countries. You can find the office of Sandvik in your country with the help of above contact link.