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Sunningdale Tech Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Head Office Address

Sunningdale Tech is one of the top leading engineering companies of Singapore which is listed on Singapore Securities Exchange Market. The company manufactures various types of items. If you wanna know their details, then go through the article carefully. Collect Sunningdale Tech contact numbers of all departments, Sunningdale Tech office address, Sunningdale Tech fax numbers, Sunningdale Tech email IDs, Sunningdale Tech regional office details etc. Other details will show you some links which will lead you to Sunningdale Tech website and their career or contact page.

Sunningdale Tech

Sunningdale Tech is a well-known manufacturing company of Singapore which is specialized in plastic items. This engineering company has its footsteps in different business sectors like automotive, aerospace industry, consumer or IT sector, healthcare and tooling. The company started its operations in the year 1981. They also hold the shares of various subsidiaries like First Engineering, PT GP Technology, Adval Tech, Omni Tech etc. They provide their services across the region of Singapore, Malaysia, China, Mexico, India, Thailand, Indonesia and many more. View full details about Sunningdale Tech from their official site. Other companies of Singapore are Ezion Holdings, GS Holdings, KLW Holdings and Sen Yue Holdings.

About/Wiki Sunningdale Tech

Who is the founder of Sunningdale Tech?  N/A
Who is the CEO of Sunningdale Tech?  Khoo Boo Hor
When did Sunningdale Tech found?  1981

Sunningdale Tech was founded in the year 1981. Mr. Khoo Boo is currently its chief executive officer.

What are the Phone Numbers of Sunningdale Tech?

Customer Service Phone Number  (65) 6861 1161
Toll-Free Helpline Number  N/A
Customer Support Whatsapp Number  N/A
Head Office Contact Numbers  (65) 6861 1161
Head Office Fax Numbers  (65) 6861 6186 Sales
(65) 6863 4173 IR
(65) 6861 0119 HR

Contact numbers and fax numbers of all departments of Sunningdale Tech are published in this section.

What are the Email IDs of Sunningdale Tech?

Customer Service Email ID  sales@sdaletech.com
Head Office Email IDs  ir@sdaletech.com

You can mail your queries to the particular department of Sunningdale Tech with the help of these attached email IDs.

What are the Office Addresses of Sunningdale Tech?

Head Office Address  51 Joo Koon Circle, Singapore 629069
Corporate Office Address  N/A

You can make your personal visit to the office of Sunningdale Tech and meet the staff in person. They will help you more.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am- 5:45pm
Saturday:  Closed
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

If you are planning to meet their team, then these timings details will lead you.

Official Website:  sdaletech.com

If you are looking forward to collecting more details about Sunningdale Tech and their subsidiaries, then here is the link which will help you. Visit their site for more details.

Social Media Profiles of Sunningdale Tech

Facebook Fan Page N/A
Twitter Handle N/A
Instagram Handle N/A
LinkedIn Profile linkedin.com/company/sunningdale-tech-ltd
YouTube Channel N/A

Sunningdale Tech only has LinkedIn account. Follow this account for job-related updates.

Important Links

Contact us: sdaletech.com/contact
People who want more contact details of Sunningdale Tech can visit this page directly and fetch all the details from there.

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