McDonald’s Singapore Headquarters, Customer Service Number, Email ID

McDonald’s Singapore knows for their best food and beverages production. They are packing so much goodness in there each and every burger; it might be difficult to choose the one from the so many good options. Singapore is always known as the foodie heaven and Singaporeans are known for their tenacious appetite for life and they want all the things delicious. They provide the quality products to their customers so that each and every bite of their food remains same as the first one. Eating well starts with knowing where the ingredients come from and how each dish is prepared before even it reaches on the table of the customers. For delicious season creations like breaded salmon with Paella spice mix burger, they break it down for you and illustrate just how much can this burger contains only for you. Best sound bites create by their customers after having their products are the rewards for them to celebrate.

They are having their food options are breakfast, beverages, burgers, deserts, happy meals, lunch/dinner, salads/wraps, sides, delight breakfast 500, delight lunch, dinner, frappes, on – coffee, hot – coffee, ice tea, mac puff, mac flurry, cakes/pastry, iced coffee. They made all their products mix and seasoning with the canola oil. Their ultimate aim is to satisfy their customers with the fresh and healthy products used in making all the food items. You can place your order online from your phone as well or by using their official website too. All the items details, products information, and the other important details are given on the official website. You can make payment for your order easily and quickly through the e – payment system. As they are going to accept the entire debit cum credit cards like Visa Card, Citi Bank Card, Master card, Pay Pal, American Express and JCB Card. Recently, McDonalds is working in all most every country and nearby cities as well. A variety of food is served by them for their customers on demand as well. Birthday, corporate functions, or any other celebrations can also arrange by them at their own place.

McDonalds also has its mobile application for both the user’s android and IOS operating system. You can download their app from your smartphone app store and get all the details on your mobile phone. They are always ready to provide help and support to their customers via various ways. Customer’s complaints about the quality of products, their order details, delivery detail and other issues are handled by them carefully. This article contains the information like customer service contact number, customer service email address, head office email address, head office contact number, head office address, official website of McDonalds Singapore, social networking websites, supporting hours for customers and the other important links of the company associated with the official website that are useful to get more details.


McDonalds Singapore Customer Service Contact Details

McDonalds Singapore Customer Service Toll – Free Contact Number: +65 6777 3777

McDonalds Singapore Customer Service Email ID: [email protected]

McDonalds provides the best customer services to their customers, for orders placement, their special services, delivery timings and all such details are answered by the staff members on the spot by them. You can contact them on their toll-free number and get your queries done free of cost.

McDonalds Head Office Contact Details

McDonalds Head Office Address: 22 Bong Keng Road, #01 – 01 Singapore

McDonalds Head Office Contact Number: +65 6777 3777

McDonalds Head Office Email ID: [email protected]

Here are all the head office details of the McDonalds are provided above. You can contact the head office officials for their help if you are not satisfied with the dealings of the customer service executives. You can also contact them by using their email address all the emails are checked and responded back by them on next business day.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Saturday: 9.30am to 11.30pm

Sunday: closed

McDonalds Singapore Official Website:

All the happy meals offer, discount vouchers, celebration offers are running on their official website. You can check these details and make direct contact with them through their official website also. Get connected with them through the official website to know more about the offers and the latest products launched.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page:

Twitter Handle:                                        

Instagram Handle:

LinkedIn Profile: N/A


Google+ Profile:

YouTube Channel:

Subscribe the pages of McDonalds Singapore on the provided social networking websites. These are the social profiles which contain all the details about their menu, happy meals, product offers, latest deals and other information. Social details are provided for their customers to like, follow or subscribe them on the provided some famous social networking websites.

Important Links

All the general questions asked by the customers are provided in the given link so that they may clear their doubts by reading them thoroughly. All the questions and written with the suitable answers for you to check and then place an order.

Contact Form:
Contact form of the company is provided by the so that customers will fill the form according to their experience with them. They can share their feedback, suggestions, comments, messages or subjects on the provided form.

To build up your career with the McDonalds then send your resume on their website and get shortlisted there. You can also directly visit for the working schedule timings there to direct walk in interview with them.

5 thoughts on “McDonald’s Singapore Headquarters, Customer Service Number, Email ID

  1. I am now at Bedok Mall MacD restaurant (Mc Cafe) and was told it’s “not opened yet”…
    it’s 8.00am and not open?!?

  2. So nowdays macdonald drive thru doesnt entertain motorcyclists? I had been waiting for more then 10min at the order here booth but noone attend to me . i decided to park my bike by the side moment came a car behind me stop and the operator taking his/her order . Im really disappointed in the customer service at sengkang sport centre . I will never buy here again . Sengkang sport centre macdonald really make me feel unappreciated with my pleasant with a motorbike .

  3. 18 April 2017

    Hi. Every morning i will buy a long black and flat white from Downtown east McCafe outlet, and was served almost daily by Zhang Li.

    Here is my feedback about her and I really would like her to be removed.

    She is very incompetent and has zero customer service. She is also unhygienic and works at her own pace. Today she raised her voice and was rude to me.

    I wonder, on all occassions I am there to buy from McCafe, why is she always there alone with no supervision….and she usually has no clue what she is doing.

    Here are my observations of her since early March 2017 (the previous barista was excellent though!):

    1. She throws cups, wrappers and plastic cutleries into the bin where pressed coffee is thrown (beside the coffee machine). I caught her struggling to squeeze in a
    McDonalds big paper cup through the black divider on the coffee counter-top bin!!!!

    2. She does not smile nor greet customers at the counter. She stands there and looks away while she takes orders. She looks bored and agitated.

    3. She does this to all of the customers

    4. She does not understand orders and made two wrong drinks for people in the queue in front of me and held up the queue. What would normally take 5 mins, was then made into 15 mins!

    5. Once I waited at the counter for a good 3 mins, only to finally look ard the store and found her chatting with the staff on the tables behind the counter (hidden away from sight). I think if she is helping to clear tables that she is also mindful of customers at McCafe?

    5. Today i came at 845am. The coffee grinder is empty. She only filled it up after my order came through.

    6. I always order 1 long black and 1 flat white. She has never indicated which is which. And all the time we have to uncap the cups to find out. Once it spilled on me as we were driving then.

    7. So this morning I asked her to indicate by pressing the stubs. She retorted and told me to uncap myself to check.

    8. Your manager, who was there, then stepped in to help me check and pressed the “black” stub on the lid.

    9. I told her she is rude and she shouted back “No I am not rude”.

    10. When i told the manager this morning that she is incompetent and throws paper cups etc into the coffee bin, again she retorted and raised her voice that it was only once that she did that.

    11. I got my coffee and turned away from the counter, and she shouted something at my back (which i dont understand).

    12. Your manager pulled her away. I suggested to your manager to put her back in customer service class and get training again.

    Well. There you have it. The examples of how she is not for the McCafe job at Downtown East and should be removed. Downtown East has positioned itself as a fun place for children….and generally just full of positive vibes and excitement….the traits that McDonald’s & McCafe would like to be associated with too.

    I would also like you to know that I visit McCafes for your flat whites and generally service has been wonderful. Staff are competent and knows their job set. But Zhang Li from Downtown East is not, unfortunately.

    Please i would like to hear an update from you, and if she is replaced with someone who loves being a McCafe barista.


  4. Does MacDonald change new policy to the fries? If customers never ask or say anything they are serve with fries without salt!! So the bottle of salt next to the warmer bin is a relics??

    If they want salt, instead cooling a new basket of fries your staff’s pour salts on the remaining fries(which is less than a basket). Question them, they shout at you and place the bottle of salt at the counter…your staff. When asking to speak to the manager your staff’s tell me to walk in to find the manager….your customers service is getting….beyond words… the next times the same thing happen I will just call the police and ministry of health…

  5. I went to TB plaza Mcdonald’s to buy Nasi Lemak Burger Feast and would like to change the fries and was not allow. However when I went to Pioneer Mall outlet I only add 10 cents to change the fries. How come there is double standard. When I use AsiaMall vouchers to pay and the balance I want to use Nets Flashpay and was also not allowed and insisted must use cash. The China higher lever staff at TB plaza outlet is unfriendly and inefficient.

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