StarHub Customer Service Number, Email ID, Office Address, Website

StarHub is one of the leading and integrated info-communications provided company, which offering a full range of information, entertainment services and communications services for both corporate and consumers markets. Basically, StarHub operates a wide range of mobile networks such as 4G, 3G and 2G services. Starhub also manages HFC Network that delivers multi-channels TV Pay services such as HDTV, Internet TV and on-demand services.  Broadband services are also offered by Starhub.

Starhub is launched in the year 2000 and has become one of Singapore’s most innovative info – communication providers. Starhub is now listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange since October 2004. If you are interested then you can use these services at affordable prices.

Here below we provide all official customer service contact details of them if you searching for questions like what is official email id of Starhub, what is customer service number of startup, where the head office of StarHub is situated etc., below you can get answers to all these questions. For any kind of assistance, related to your services, billing related, connection related use these details and get support from their official customer service team.

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StarHub Customer Service Contact Details

StarHub Customer Service Numbers

           Department                               Phone Numbers
Prepaid Mobile Enquiries 9850 0000 (Toll Free)

+65- 9850 0000 (Overseas)

Billing Enquiries +65- 6820 1637 (Overseas)
General & Technical Enquiries +65- 6820 1633(Overseas)
Sales Hotline +65- 6820 1630 (Overseas)
Starhub Public Hotline ++65- 6873 2828

StarHub Customer Service Email ID: N/A

For any kind of queries related to your billing, internet problems, sales related use these given contact numbers and get support from their customer service executives. If you calling from overseas than international call rates are applicable on them.

StarHub Head Office Contact Details

StarHub Head Office Address: 67 Ubi Avenue 1, #05 -01 StarHub Green, Singapore 408942

StarHub Head Office Phone Number: +65- 9850 0000

StarHub Head Office Email ID: N/A

Here above we mention all official head office contact details, if you are not satisfied with the support of their customer service team then visit their head office or share your problems with their officials.

StarHub Official Website:

This is the official website link of Starhub, follow this and copy it into a new tab, you can visit their official website and read full details about their services and facilities provided by them.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page:

Twitter Handle:

Google+ Profile:

Pinterest Profile:

Instagram Handle:

LinkedIn Profile:

YouTube Channel:

Social media is an easy and popular way to stay connected with anyone, so you can also connect with StarHub by subscribing these given social profile account links, all latest updates are updated on these sites by their officials and directly available on your timeline.

Important Links

You have a great opportunity if you are searching for jobs in StarHub, follow this link to check all latest current openings on them, just check the required criteria and apply for a job online also.

21 thoughts on “StarHub Customer Service Number, Email ID, Office Address, Website

  1. Your this service or sales manage GARETH really trying to piss me off … spoken to joyce earlier regarding the expire recontract date all settle n now the voucher not in system ..what is u guys doing i call n confirm n confirm again n yet everything is in a mess. Gareth told me he is helping by rising his voice which he is he did not, asking me to wait 1hrs for the voucher to be in by asking me tp wait on the line listening to your starhub song n wasting my battery. Did u guys train up your so called manager to treat your customers this way. I need a explanation on this.

  2. Hi I have problem with this month bill. tried calling your hotline but no body wants to pick my call, same standard message ” our customer care office is busy” keep repeating. Now my bill is over due, why cant’t Starhub be of service to their customer and their customer have go through a lot of waste time to get a simple issue sort out.

    my contact no is 91130896
    thnak you

  3. Tried calling your hotline but didn’t get a respond please call me my reward points of 405 expired 31 jan 2017 . Since it is over the holiday season I do hope you can extend and I’m redeeming my points today thank you for yor consideration

  4. i have come recently to Singapore to live and i watch Star hub TV programmes without fail.I watch Malayalam channelsASIANET/ASIA NET MOVIES,good they add SURYA TV MALAYALAM CHANNEL also.We hundreds of malayalees fans wish so.Will you consider?Thanks

  5. A year ago I was told what I need to do is to call service center to activate 018 IDD and there will not be any changes apply to my call to oversea. A year later when I visit star hub the sales person only inform me that my service of IDD 018 is still charge when I call home but with a cheaper rate. The sales person who explain to me today at westgate branch was RUDE during his explanation on the IDD call. Starhub should TRAIN their sales person well in terms of explaining every terms clearly and professionally! Would starhub return the extra charges to their customers due to the unclear explanation to customers??

  6. May I know what is your company sop to anyhow cut off the line delaying paying two mth. The third mth bill haven’t cm and your finance start chasing the money. It is fair that your company cut off my line and I have to pay then u reconnect the line. It is how to calculate with customer. Dec nv send bill and Jan send bill ask to pay two mth and some more immediate payment. I call up ask for Dec bill and call up three time your company then send the bill. It is the way how your company and your customer service treat the customer. It is a punishment to the customer who doesn’t pay the only for two mth. I think the first mth I didn’t receive the bill and I pay about three hundred over and 2nd bill cm your company ask for immediate payment . Are your company treating all customer is a BD. If u think I as the customer won’t pay money and must well your company terminate all my line and i feel better and dun disturb my line.

  7. The response time on fixing the internet connection took a long time. After too many calls to customer service which puts u on hold for almost 20mins just to say again that they will try & fix the issue. Its very frustrating. They will send technician only when u follow up 5x or more then will bill U even if its not ur fault their internet service is faulty. They won’t even tell U how much u need to pay, just asked u to sign without explaining that its ur consent or agreement that U need to pay then u will just be surprised by a bill received via email. Then another long waiting time when u try to call customer service to ask why u are billed for something. Issue still unresolved…

  8. Hi , i tried calling the hotline always throwing me out , cant get into access, requesting me to dial from a starhub line , i lost my prepaid sim and tried to terminate , but its always not reachable or unable to contact u guys to request for termination,

  9. The bloody commercial breaks by Fox Sports at CH 209 during live telecast is simply too many and too short interval.
    It is very very disturbing.

  10. How is it my global sms is not is not utilused. Am now in Penang but the sms is being deducted from my main wallet ? Have activated roaming service. Annoyed that me starhub 128 global sms service is not being used. Please assist and reply Awaiting your response.

  11. My father hand phone bill ,for Google play store $599.40 amount is now under Google play store investigation.ones Google play store get back to me.i will let u know.thk

  12. I have paid up the TV subscription and the connection is still off. I have tried to call the customer service several times but no one answer for more than 15mins, until after 9pm and the voice message replied office closed for the day. I could not call u tomorrow as I am outstation till Monday.

  13. I don’t have much problem getting to the right person over the telephone for assistance. My main complaint is that the customer support staff at Starhub are mostly foreign nationals with funny English accents that I could not grasp what he or she is speaking.
    I always suggest to your staff to communicate with me via email which is faster and more easily understood, but Starhub doesn’t seem to like the idea of communicating with customers using this method. Can you please explain why.

  14. I have a enquire about the phone bill, on the Mar and Apr the bill costing have some adjustment from your billing department. I did not receive the bill statment mailing to my home address. Please get some one to settle my phone bill. I’m very disappointed.

  15. Sir, i am mobile balance transfer in india.balance transfer ok .comfermation message in successfully but that mobile not credit in balance please check.transfer id:565537552.pls repply me.

  16. Dear Sir/Mdm,
    We are really very disappointed with Starhub services. This morning, 14 Dec 2018, my eldest sister call Starhub Helpline 1633 enquire her top up card No 82533196. She enquires her card is expired whether still can extend. The staff answer the call told her that the card can be extend but need to top up minimum $10/-. After hearing this, my eldest sister went to a shop at Jalan Membina and top up $10 to the card today. After she top up the card, she went to Starhub counter at Tiong Bahru to extend the card, the staff tried extend the card but said they are unable to do it at their branch and advise her to go to Starhub headquarter or other branch (My eldest sister is unable to call out and receive call using the top up card even though she has topped up). Hence, I go with my eldest sister to the Starhub at Westgate. The Sales Executive (a male) at Starhub Westgate took the top up card and check. Instead, he told us that the card has expired and already in use by other people so cannot extend. The money that my eldest sister that top today also cannot be taken back. On the spot, we call the Starhub helpline 1633 again, the staff answer the call said that the top card no 82533196 still can be used and he said he will speak to the staff at the counter. The helpline staff spoke to another Sales Executive (a lady). This Sales Executive (a lady), look at the computer and talk to the helpline staff and hang up the line. Then, she talk to us very impolitely that the top up card no has already been taken by other people and they cannot do anything and like chasing us away.

    This is really very annoying and disappointing. (1) If the card has already expired and cannot be extended or the no has taken up other people, why your staff at helpline 1633 still tell or advise my eldest that it can be used and only need to top up minimum $10/-??!! (2) In addition, the card expired and cannot be extended or the no taken up by other people, how can the top up transaction of $10/- for the top card no 82533196 still can go through??!!
    And end up my eldest sister losing the $10/- and forfeited. (3) Making us going from one Starhub branch to another Starhub branch. Wasting our time and getting such bad customer service from your staff at Starhub Westgate branch.

    It is very very disappointing and annoying!!!

  17. I am using prepaid sim with roaming. I have no data available while I still have 700mb remaining on my data account. Last mid of Dec. I have 50$ on my wallet was suddenly gone with out consuming, now I have another 30$ also gone, Can I recover those amount missing. Thanks

  18. May i ask..If starhub found out that your internal regional manager is leaking out internal info to outside on their internal staff handsets pricelist..what action will starhub takes?
    we discover her name is Oh Wenjia

  19. Star Hub technician set up my system this afternoon. After he has left, I realised that my tv is affected. The following message appears on tv screen:
    “No IP Address Assigned.Unable to obtain IPAddress”
    It looks to me that the technician has forgotten to complete the job. No amount of phone calls could solve my problem. My address is 16 Sin Ming Walk, #07-06 Singapore 575568
    Please help. Thanks.

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