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Magnus Energy Group Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address

Magnus Energy Group is a leading Singapore based company which deals in electrical and mechanical contracts. We have prepared this article for the users who were asking for the contact details of Magnus Energy. Questions like what are the contact details of Magnus Energy, how to contact Magnus Energy, what is the phone number of Magnus Energy, where is the office of Magnus Energy located etc are answered in below columns. Check out the links section to get more details about their working and projects. You can also connect with them on social media.

Magnus Energy Group

Magnus is a Singaporean group which deals in particular sectors like oil & gas, coal, real estate, property & infrastructure and wastewater treatments. It is like a mechanical contractor company which focuses on the provided sectors. This company holds and manages shares of different companies like MEG management, Anting Investment, MEG global ventures and many more. They provide various types of mechanical equipment like safety equipment, drilling equipment and spares, pipeline products, meters and gauges, special steel products and many more. Get more help from their team or from their website. Other holding companies in Singapore are KLW Holdings, Natsteel Holdings, Heliconia Capital and GS Holdings.

About/Wiki Magnus Energy Group

Who is the founder of Magnus Energy Group?  N/A
Who is the CEO of Magnus Energy Group?  Mr. Luke Ho Khee Yong
When did Magnus Energy Group found?  1983

Magnus Energy Group commenced in the year 1983. Luke Ho was appointed as the chief executive officer.

What are the Phone Numbers of Magnus Energy Group?

Customer Service Phone Number  +65 6325 1850
Toll-Free Helpline Number  N/A
Customer Support Whatsapp Number  N/A
Head Office Contact Number  +65 6325 1850
Head Office Fax Number  +65 6325 1851

Here are the contact numbers and fax numbers of Magnus Energy Group which can help you in contacting their team.

What are the Email IDs of Magnus Energy Group?

Customer Service Email ID  N/A
Head Office Email ID  N/A

No email ID of Magnus Energy Group is available right now. Check out these details later.

What are the Office Addresses of Magnus Energy Group?

Head Office Address 32 Loyang Crescent, Singapore 508992.
Corporate Office Address N/A

Magnus Energy Group has set up its office in Singapore near Loyang Crescent. The above provided address will help you in finding their office.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday: 9 am- 5 pm
Saturday:  Closed
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

These are the working hours of Magnus Energy Group in which you can meet their team members.

Official Website: www.magnusenergy.com.sg

Clients will get to see more details about Magnus Energy Group and its subsidiaries only from their official website.

Social Media Profiles of Magnus Energy Group

Facebook Fan Page  N/A
Twitter Handle  N/A
Instagram Handle  N/A
LinkedIn Profile  N/A
YouTube Channel  N/A

Magnus Energy Group hasn’t signed up on any social networking site. Check out these details after some time.

Important Links

Contact us: magnusenergy.com.sg/contact-us
On this page, you will find more contact details of Magnus Energy Group along with an inquiry form.

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