Starbucks Coffee Singapore Headquarters, Customer Service Number, Email ID, Website

Starbucks is a well-known coffee providing company of America which provides their coffee in Singapore also. Here below in this article we provide all useful details of Starbucks Singapore. Starbucks coffee is completely owned Coffee Corporation since June 2004. They first opened their store on 14 December 1996 at Liat Towers, Basically Starbucks have their own coffee shops in the entire world which provide hot and cold coffee and various kind of products.

They provide a peaceful environment for their coffee shops with their soft music and amazing coffee to the customers. Products and services offered by them are such as whole bean coffee, iced pour over, Starbucks mooncakes, coffee break, dreamy desserts and some more products. They have many big companies as their business partners. So you can also enjoy their services at their coffee shops and centers.

Here below we provide all official customer service contact details you can get answers of all these questions like what is customer service contact number of Starbucks, what is email id of Starbucks, where the head office of Starbucks is situated etc., you can solve your queries related to their services by making contact with these services.

Starbucks Logo

Starbucks Customer Service Contact Details

Starbucks Customer Service Number: +65- 6513 7500

Starbucks Customer Service Fax Number: +65- 6513 7550

Starbucks Customer Service Email ID: N/A

These are the official customer service contact details of them, it includes phone numbers and fax number of Starbucks, for any kind of assistance use these details and get support from their official staff members.

Starbucks Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm (Excluding Public Holidays)

You can contact their official staff members from Monday to Friday between 9am to 6pm.

Starbucks Head Office Contact Details

Starbucks Head Office Address: 11 North Buona Vista Drive #03- 08 the Metropolis Tower 2, Singapore 138589

Starbucks Head Office Phone Number:  +65- 6513 7500

Starbucks Head Office Fax Number: +65- 6513 7550

Starbucks Head Office Email ID: N/A

Above mentioned details are the official head office contact detail if their customer service executives not supporting you then visit their office and submit your queries there.

Starbucks Official Website:

Copy this given link and paste it into new tab and press enter, you visit their official website and check the services provided by Starbucks. You can read their terms & conditions and more contact way on there.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page:

Twitter Handle:

Google+ Profile:

Pinterest Profile:

Instagram Profile:

LinkedIn Profile:


Nowadays social media is the easiest and interesting way to stay connected with any company or any individual, you can also keep in touch with them by following these given social profile account links, all latest updates are updated on these networking sites by their officials.

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Users can share their views, questions, comments, feedback on this given contact form, your feedback helping their supporting staff to improve their services in future.

10 thoughts on “Starbucks Coffee Singapore Headquarters, Customer Service Number, Email ID, Website

  1. Pls add point to my Starbucks card for Dec 28 9.31am transaction at 100AM outlets due to system down. Receipt no. Chk 3945
    0412 1000
    3218 8700

  2. Hi – I ordered a Roasted Chestnut White Chocolate latte last week (at HVll mall) and loved it! I mentioned that I don’t like the drinks too sweet and they made it a little less sweet and it was delicious! Yesterday I ordered the same drink at the Wheelock Starbucks and asked for it to be a little less sweet also. I could not even tell that it was a flavoured drink, it just tasted like a latte. I did the 1 for 1 and had another one to bring to my husband, his was exactly the same. I didn’t go back because I had walked away and was already too far away when I tasted it. I was very much looking forward to it so as you can imagine I was very disappointed:-( I am a regular Starbucks customer and of course I will continue to visit them regularly, but just wanted to share that feedback. This has only happened to me very rarely.

  3. Hi madam/sir I am trying to get the tote bad Alice and Oliver but understand it had all been by staff who gets news of the release before the public and now no more stocks available . Why then advertise to public when none left very disaappointing . Tried calling Starbucks customer servive no one picks up the phone

  4. I visited the Starbucks at Harbour today. After so much renovation, the service standard here really leaves a lot to be desired. I was standing at the collection point, everyone seems to be busy with their own stuff. I was clearly the only customer waiting. It’s only after a few servings that one crew ask me what am I waiting for? Americano! She makes no apology or show signs that she cares. She merely offers the coffee to me WHICH she was about to gave to another customer. How long it takes to make 1 coffee? Clearly, the staff here do not care or display the company’s mission in their service. The service rendered was not what the company claimed to be!!

  5. I received Starbucks Rewards email that if I use my rewards card to purchase anything, I’ll receive email instantly for one free drink.
    But after I made a purchase for one piece of cake using my rewards card, I haven’t received any email regarding the free drink.
    May I know what happened?

  6. Hi,
    I visited starbuck wilkie edge, asking about my reward after reach more than 60 points,first staff does’nt tell me i was reaching my grentier point untill i looked at my resit and looked at brochure, but i still ok about it, second, i was asking the staff but none of them can answer and understand about Starbuck Rewards, was spending my time at counter to repeat a question again and again when all the answer different for a same question, first i was asking, do i entitle for grentier reward due it stated at the brochure, some of staff said yes, i was process to counter untill another lady at counter(staff) said no, for grentier reward i need to deduct all point and get the rewards, and at brochure is stated differently, she also said i need to come back after three days for “free drink”? i was confuse and quite frustrated with the situation and feel like i have to begging for rewards, and all the staff is aware about the Starbuck reward?. Honestly for starbuck rewards we have to ask and beg for it?

  7. why always when we register a card, no link given even though was mentioned? we need to call your customer service line, inconvenient. plse help. thks.

  8. I m a regular customer and love your cakes. My recent experience in cuppage branch ( 13 July) was bit offending. I went there at 10pm and the staff were loud with each other and packed my cake in a box and shove it to me . When I asked for a bag both mumbled something and pushed the bag towards me and started talking with each other. This was during the time where there were no customers hence not a busy time. Felt they were not happy doing such a job. Not expecting good service but not rude service. Such a reputable company like yours should train the staff better.

  9. I am a regular customer(4273) and love both your drinks and cakes. I am specially fond of your snowskin moon cakes that are only around part of the year.
    I was solely disappointed today to find my chocolate mooncake had no truffle inside.
    unfortunately I had taken it to go, so I couldn’t possibly return it and sort this out. I know its just a small error, but starbucks anything isn’t particularly cheap (one of the reasons you keep up the quality) , I would recommend you check your stock and have more random checks.
    (I picked this from west coast plaza at 12.49 PM (31 august 12.49 ). the other reason to write this is to let you know so you could check the particular batch that my mooncake was from.

  10. I went to bt panjang starbucks n buy a pc of cake n a round pastry. I ask the staff if the same price mind as well I get the big round pastry which cost about 7 dollars. your malay staff reply me that the small one throw away. his heart so black U know what he do. He make hot my pastry until very black colour. I m so sad u employ this type of human to work.i M handicap early 7 dollars not an easy thing. pls teach your staff to serve customer equally. I really hope I can get a replacement for my black round pastry which I throw to the bin. should take a picture n let u see how black hearted is your staff.

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